Model #: 7028 LED

Architectural wall unit designed for high performance applications, with both uplight and downlight.

  • CSA - Wet Location Listed

Product Description

Architectural wall unit designed for high performance applications, with both uplight and downlight.


18"l x 7"w x 9"d

Featured Options and Controls

Choose Your Color Temperature

This model features select LED series wattages available in different color temperatures. Option code: 27K 30K 35K 40K

90+ CRI

This model has wattages available in 3000K with a Color Rendering Index > 90. Option code: 90R

Buy American Compliant

This option complies with the Buy American requirements of the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA). Option code: BAC







Limited Warrany

Subject to the terms, conditions and all other details specified in this limited warranty, Brownlee Lighting warrants that all lighting products manufactured by Brownlee Lighting are free from defective materials and workmanship - and that under proper installation and operation at recommended operating conditions at rated voltage, they will be free from failure of component parts for the warranty period.

Warranty Period for Brownlee Lighting products is as followed:

  • Dedicated LED products: Five (5) years from the date of invoice (see LED Notes 1-3 in the next section below).
  • Fluorescent products: Two (2) years from the date of invoice. ENERGY STAR® qualified fluorescent products: Three (3) years from the date of invoice.
  • Unless otherwise stated on the product specification sheet, lamps (GU24, medium-base, CFL, linear fluorescent, HID, etc.) are not covered under this warranty or by Brownlee Lighting in any way. Lamp failure is excluded from the terms of this warranty - claims should be addressed directly with the lamp manufacturer. Contact factory for assistance if needed.
  • The warranty on custom products can vary and is determined on a case by case basis - consult with factory for details on custom products prior to purchase.
LED Notes:

1) Warranty Period exception: Models 7080, 7317, 7318, 7319 & 7322 with LED: Three (3) years from the date of invoice.

2) LED boards are considered to have failed when 13% or more LED chips are not illuminated.

3) LED products with battery backup components must be installed and connected to continuous AC power within seven (7) months of invoice. Failure to do so can result in permanent damage/failure of battery components and will void the battery warranty. If this is not possible for whatever reason, contact factory for further instruction on how to temporarily charge the battery components to prolong battery life and remain within warranty.

Damage incurred in transit, loading/unloading or from handling and/or installation is excluded from the terms of this warranty. Brownlee Lighting is not responsible for any failure or damage resulting from: product(s) being altered or modified, improperly installed, installed in applications for which not intended and/or recommended, abused or damaged by fire, vandalism, natural catastrophe, acts of God, or any other act(s) of the purchasing party and/or subsequent parties.

Proof of purchase is strictly required. Brownlee Lighting reserves the right to examine the reported defective or otherwise claimed product (and/or other supporting evidence satisfactory to Brownlee Lighting) in order to establish a claim under this warranty. Brownlee Lighting may require the return of any product claimed not to be as warranted to its headquarters, transportation prepaid by purchaser, to establish a claim under this warranty. The cost of labor for removing a Brownlee Lighting product and for installing a repaired or replacement product shall be borne by purchaser.

Brownlee Lighting covers only the repair or replacement of the defective part(s) covered under this warranty, to the original purchaser, and excludes any responsibility for consequential or incidental damages such as labor costs, travel time, freight expense, loss of profit, loss of time, etc., incurred by the purchaser and/or any other party. Replacement parts/fixtures provided under the terms of this warranty are warranted for the remainder of the original warranty which began at the original date of invoice.

*This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied.*


All LED Series feature a minimum operating temperature of -20°C / -4°F and maximum operating temperature of 40°C / 104°F.

Watts (Actual)CFL Equiv.Amps @ 110VOutput (27K)Efficacy (27K)Output (30K)Efficacy (30K)Output (35K)Efficacy (35K)Output (40K)Efficacy (40K)
*Output shown in lumens (lm). Efficacy shown in lumens per watt (lm/W). Lumen output measured from the source.



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