Energy Cost Calculator

78% to 85% of every dollar you spend on the cost of light is spent on electricity.
Less than 4% is actually spent on lighting hardware. Obviously, selecting the most energy efficient lighting systems is the key to getting the best possible return on your lighting investment. Save your company or organization money by investing in the most cost-efficient, energy efficient luminaires from Brownlee. It’s all about understanding the big picture.

Fill out the chart below and see for yourself what a difference the right luminaire can make.

1 Compute the number of watts saved from upgrading high wattage incandescent fixtures to energy saving Brownlee luminaires.
Lamp Wattage
Lamp Wattage
  Watts Saved
per Lamp
  Number of Lamps
to Replace
  Total Watts
_____W - _____W = _____W x _____ = _____W

2 Multiply the total by the average number of hours the luminaires burn per day, the number of days per week and the number of weeks per year to get the annual wattage savings.
Wattage Savings
per Upgrade
  Hours of Use
per Day
  Days of Use
per Week
  Weeks of Use
per Year
  Annual Watts
_____W x _____hrs x _____days x _____weeks = _____W

3 Divide by 1000 to convert to Kilowatt hours (kWh).
    _____W ÷ 1000 = _____kWh    

4 Multiply by your local kWh cost (typically $0.10) to convert to dollar savings.
    _____kWh x 0.10 = _____$ (per year)    

Brownlee Lighting is proud to manufacture energy efficient lighting fixtures that meet and exceed industry expectations in quality, durability and price. Use the Product Tab above to find the category(s) for your particular application.


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