Dark Sky—Light Pollution

When we refer to “Dark Sky” fixtures, we mean fixtures that reduce the amount of light pollution. Have you had a problem with light pollution? Of course you have. When you realize that the term "Light Pollution" covers a very broad subject area you soon realize we all have a problem with light pollution. From the smallest organism to the largest telescope, light pollution plays a part in degrading our nighttime environment.

Brownlee Dark Sky fixtures are designed to direct the light downward and outward not exceeding 45° up from horizontal. Or in other words, the fixtures do not shine or reflect light upward towards the sky, therefore reducing the amount of light pollution. This design also reduces glare into traffic and next door buildings.

Theft of the Night

Map of US at night

Most Americans are growing up unable to see the stars their grandparents knew so well. They see the night sky only in pictures or at planetariums. This is true not only in cities, but also in many suburbs where street lamps and other sources of "light pollution" have obscured our view of constellations, meteor showers, and planets. Light pollution is not a matter of life and death. Yet it is important nonetheless, profoundly so. We human beings lose something of ourselves when we can no longer look up and see our place in the universe. It is like never again hearing the laughter of children; we give up part of what we are.  Such a loss might be acceptable if light pollution was the inevitable price of progress, but it's not. Most sky glow, as scientists call it, is unnecessary. The light that obscures our view of the night sky comes mainly from inefficient lighting sources that do little to increase nighttime safety, utility, or security. It produces only glare and clutter, costing more than $1 billion annually in wasted energy in the United States alone. Reducing light pollution is not difficult, but it does require that public officials and ordinary citizens be aware of the problem and act to counter it. Curing light pollution saves money while reducing glare. Unlike other issues involving pollution, it presents us with a rare case where we should strive to be kept in the dark. The stars above us are a priceless heritage, not only for scientific knowledge, but also for our identity as human beings.

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